Manicure Monday #1

Hello lovely readers!

Sometimes I just feel like a little pamper afternoon.. painting my nails, relaxing, and usually watching some HGTV:) So I thought I might as well share my some of my favorite nail colors and designs with my fellow beauty lovers!

Jan Nails

Above are my nails this week! I used an OPI base/top coat combo, and the OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! polish (2 coats). This is one of my absolute favorite fall/winter colors. Why am I still wearing fall colors? Well I just don’t feel like wearing spring-y pastels yet, maybe when the sun finally decides to come out, but until then I’m sticking to the darks. I love this color because it’s so versatile, it matches with any jewelry color or outfit!

I also decided to attempt to organize my nail polishes…

Polish Collection

:/ sheesh….I need to re-think a way to organize these…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little post and it gives you a little inspiration to paint your own nails!

What are your favorite at-home manicure tricks? Nail colors?

Until next time,



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