DIY: Valentines Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hello my lovely readers, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

I didn’t want to do a typical Valentines Day post, so I thought this little DIY/crafty project would be a fun alternative!

First off, I have been seeing peter pan collars ALL OVER. Pinterest, in magazines, worn as jewelry or sewn on, these collars are in. I found some great tutorials on Pinterest and through Google that gave me some initial ideas of how I wanted to create this necklace.



Piece of Felt (I bought one black, one beige) $0.34 at JoAnns

Ribbon– any kind will do!

Pearls $3.99 per package at JoAnns (I bought two)

Sequins $3-ish/yard at JoAnns (I bought two yards, which was more than enough)


Hole punch

Fabric Glue (My fave is Goop, pictured above, around $5 at JoAnns)

Step 1: Create a pattern for the collar on plain paper. I did this by folding the piece of paper in half and drawing one-half of the pattern on it. This way each side of the collar would be even. Side note: I had to make about 5-6 patterns before I found the right shape I wanted!


Step 2: Trace the pattern onto felt & cut pattern out

Step 3: Now the fun part! You can decorate your collar any way you like! I chose to put pearls on one, and layer sequins on the other, but it’s totally up to you! I have seen people use lace or pleather, even beads! So have fun with it!

Step 4: After letting your decorations dry, its time to punch two holes into the ends of your collar to insert the ribbon into! This makes it into a functional necklace.


Step 5: Rock it! The best part about making your own jewelry is that you can really express yourself! I chose to make my collar a bit more glamorous, but keep the color simple so I can wear it both day & night!



What are your thoughts? Any fun decoration ideas? Let me know!!

Until next time,



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