Product Review: Real Techniques Brushes

Hello lovelies!

Today I would like to share with you my new obsession.


First, I would just like to say how important I think it is to support fellow creative minds (especially those of fellow bloggers/YouTubers/etc), and these fabulous makeup brushes are a great example of how passion can drive a business. The Chapman sisters are the faces behind the YouTube channel Pixiwoo and are both pro makeup artists. So basically, we can trust their brushes because they know what they are talking ’bout!


Out of all the makeup brushes I have tried, the Real Techniques brushes are by far my favorite. The four brushes pictured about are my fave. One for powder, one for blush, one for highlighting, and one for eyes. If you take a look at the Real Techniques website you can see that certain brushes are created with certain uses in mind, however I tend to use them for a mix of things, but they always work great!

What I love about these brushes:

  • Versatility: can be used for various techniques (blending, powder, highlighting, etc)
  • Feel: they are so soft on your face, no scratchy feeling at all!
  • Look: Basically, they are flippin’ cute
  • Quality: So far, so good!
  • Price: in the under $10 range (unless you purchase a set)


These are available for purchase on the Real Techniques website, Ulta, and I even saw them at Wal-Mart recently! So have a look and see if they are for you- I highly suggest them!



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