Makeup May Day 1: Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes

Hello lovelies and welcome to my attempt at Makeup May!

This month I will be posting all about makeup: tips, tricks, reviews, hauls, and more! I’m going to try to post as much as I can (hopefully twice a week!) Two of my fave YouTubers (MissGlamorazzi and AllThatGlitters21), did Makeup MAYhem on their channels last year, and it really inspired me to try and learn a little bit more about the products available for us shopaholics!

So today I wanted to do a little rave on my new fave blushes! Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a blush user. I’ve always stuck with foundation, powder and called it a day. However I recently came down with a little cold, and needed something to make my face look a little less Dawn of the Dead. Next came a trip to Ulta and these two lovely treats…..


I went with Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes in Peach Beach and Candy Glow, and boy I could not be any happier! Both of these blushes have an amazing consistency- not to flaky or powdery, have a buildable and not too intense pigmentation, and come in the cutest packaging imaginable!

Peach Beach


This color was my first choice as it isn’t too bright or too pink. When applied, it gives a lovely dusty rose gold finish- almost like a bronzer and light blush combined. I love it for an evening look as it has a slight metallic gold sheen that looks lovely with gold dangly earrings and a little black dress!

Candy Glow


Although at first glance some might be turned away by the brightness of this blush, it is quite an attractive color on. When blended, the three coral-hues blend seamlessly together to give a slight pink/flushed look to the cheeks. I adore this blush for my daily wear, and it never looks too dark or clown-like!

Well there you have it! What are your fave blushes to try? Any suggestions? Stick around for Day 2!!



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