Makeup May: Day 6- Let’s Talk Top Coats

Okay guys,

We all know I’m a nail polish junkie…I typically don’t get my nails professionally done, I love painting my own nails and trying new colors. But sometimes when you do your own nails, the polish doesn’t look as nice or stay on as long.

So I set myself on a mission: to find a top coat that will successfully keep my polish on longer, and make my nails look nicer!

I gathered the contestants:

1. Low end: Pure Ice Top Coat

2. Middle priced: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

3. High End: OPI Start to Finish Base coat, Top coat, and Strengthener



I’ve used each of these products separately, multiple times, and feel justly entitled to give my opinion on them. None of these were outrageously horrible, however in my opinion there is a clear winner.

First, I’d like to talk about each top coat to give you a little better understanding of them!

The Pure Ice top coat is great if you just want to add a little bit of shine to your nails. Although it didn’t prevent chips or make my manicure last any longer, it did have a great consistency and went on easy. Next was the Sally Hansen mega shine top coat. This top coat has a great consistency, dried extremely quickly, and made my nails look professionally done. Although it didn’t make my manicure last extremely long, it definitely extended the wear of my polish! And finally, the higher end top coat I purchased was the OPI Start to Finish. I have had this polish the longest, and have therefore been able to try this one the most. Although I had high hopes for this product, it just didn’t meet my expectations. Unfortunately, after multiple uses the consistency of this top coat became extremely goopy and hard to use. It made my polish last slightly longer, by took forever to dry. It also gave my nails a slight bubbly look, almost as if there was carbonation in the bottle…needless to say it was weird.

So which top coat is the winner?!




Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat completely exceeded my expectations for a drugstore top coat. For around 5.99 I got a top coat that did everything I wanted it to and more! Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

Any top coats you would recommend me try?




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