Glam Glow Review

Hello readers!

I admit. I am a face mask junkie. I love me a good face mask and trying new types is a definite hobby of mine. I’ve tried many a drugstore mask, and have recently been delving more into the higher end brands as I have gotten older.

As any good face mask user would know- Glam Glow is the new holy grail. Mud masks hailing from Hollywood, California, the Youth Mud mask brags about its exfoliating powers. So I set out to test this mask out and let you all know if it really is worth the $$$.



Step 1: Photograph before

Please be warned, I have been suffering from quite the breakouts around my chin and mouth area, so my hopes for this mask were quite high. As you can tell, I had quite a bit of redness around my spots, and my skin was looking quite dull and dry.



Step 2: Apply the Mask

I applied the mud mask only around my nose, mouth and chin areas because I just wanted to test it on the areas of my skin that needed it the most. After around 10 minutes, the mask began to dry and harden. I left the mask on for around 10 minutes total.

IMG_5400 IMG_5401









Step 3: Photograph the After

I waited until the following morning to photograph my after to give my skin a little time to calm down and so it wasnt so red.


What are my thoughts? I do see a little less redness and after several uses my spots did begin to fade substantially. I was quite pleased with how hydrated my skin actually felt after using this mask, as most masks tend to dry my skin out. I think this was a great purchase and I will continue to use it!

Do you have any skincare suggestions? Leave them below!



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