OOTD: Supermoon

Hello readers!

The other night was a gorgeous full moon, and as the sun began to set I knew it would be the perfect night to snap some pictures!


Summer here is so hot, but once it hits about 8pm the air is still warm but bearable. My sister and I drove up to a high point and enjoyed the sunset and each others company. I absolutely love this new black felt floppy hat. I picked it up at Old Navy the other day and think it will be the perfect transition piece between summer and fall.

IMG_5541 IMG_5547

The shorts are high-waisted Topshop short shorts from several years ago. My top is a lovely cheap TJ-Maxx find 🙂 I’m also wearing one of my absolute favorite jewelry pieces –> the lovely rose gold necklace from Kate Spade which is engraved with “stop and smell the roses,” a lovely reminder and graduation present.

It’s nights like these that remind me of why I love the town I grew up in and to do like my necklace suggests and take a little time to enjoy the small things in life.




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