Manicure Monday: Pink & Bling

Hey all!

It has been a day since my last manicure monday post. To be honest, my nails have been bare and breathing lately- a suggestion I’d give to all my fellow nail polish addicts. But, alas, I couldnt last forever and needed a nice polish for the start of September.



I was fancying something a bit brighter, so I went with Essie’s Style Hunter. I used Sally Hansens Mega Shine Top Coat as both a base and top coat as well- I’m hoping this will help the manicure last a bit longer and keep its shine. After applying two coats of the Style Hunter polish, I placed these teardrop shaped diamonds on the base of each nail for a little extra bling for the start of fall! I purchased these gems in a pack with tons of different shapes from Amazon- I would highly recommend them!


Has anyone seen the new polish colors for the fall? I’m so excited for all the metallics and jewel tones- I can’t wait to make another trip to Ulta and pick up some new colors! Does anyone have any good suggestions for new fall colors? I’d love to hear!



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