Makeup to Last All Day: Tutorial

Hey guys!

Have you ever had the problem where you apply your makeup, love how it looks, then you look in the mirror a few hours later and you’re a big sweaty mess?

Oh…is that just me?

Well, I have finally found a technique that keeps my face lasting longer through the night with these favorite tools:

IMG_5684 copy

First, I start off my prepping my face with the Murad Mattefier- this matte lotion acts as a great primer and also keeps my skin feeling healthy even with makeup on. I follow-up with my foundation by blending the Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 102 and the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade Vanille Clair on the back of my hand. By blending these two shades together I get a more true shade to my skin. I use a stippling brush to blend it into my skin- which also helps achieve a more even complexion as well.

IMG_5670 IMG_5665

To set my foundation I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is basically my holy grail powder.

Next, I like to use the Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer to contour my face and give a light bronze dusting to my skin. I use a fluffy brush for this technique, dusting the color under my cheek bones and blending down my neck. Afterwards, I use the Lorac Perfectly Lit Highlighter in Spotlight along my cheek bone. This is one of my absolute favorite highlighters as it really draws attention to your cheekbone and gives such a good shape to the face.

Next, I move on to my eyes! I like to prime my eyelid with the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (obsessed), spreading it all across the lid up to the eyebrow. I have been loving my new Naked2 Basics palette and think it matches perfectly with this look. I like to use the shade Stark all across the lid again to give a clean look. I then add the shade Skimp to the corners of my eye and blend throughout the crease.

Then I realise I forgot about my eyebrows and move on over to those. 🙂 For those, I been loving the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in the shade Soft Brown to give a natural looking but more defined brow. Afterwards I decide to finish my eyes, and I prep my eyelashes with the Urban Decay Subversion primer. I tend to let this dry for a few seconds and then add-on two layers of the Subversion mascara- this mascara is absolutely out of this world incredible. It gives a crazy good false lash effect without the effort of all that glue and sticky-ness. After this has dried, I use the Loreal Super Slim liquid eyeliner to give a slim cat eye. I absolutely love the way that this eyeliner and mascara gives my eyes a dramatic yet classic look- a perfect pairing in my opinion!

IMG_5678 IMG_5674

I like to finish off this look by adding a little of the Too Faced Sweetheart blush in shade Peach Beach to the apple of my cheeks. I swipe on a little chapstick and am good to go!



This is my absolute go-to look if I want my makeup to stay on all day! Anyone else have a technique that works for them?



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