Manicure Monday: Gel DYI


About two weeks ago I visited one of my best friends for the weekend and we got up to the normal things girls do- shopping, watching sappy love movies, and painting our nails.

Now we all know how much I love painting my nails, so when I learned that she had a do-it-yourself gel manicure kit, I was so excited to try it!


My first thoughts regarding doing my own gel nails were basically, “oh sh*t,” and “lets see how bad I can mess this up.” But lo and behold, this Red Carpet Nails system is so easy to follow! The kit comes with a nail cleaner, prep polish, base coat, strengthener, top coat, a red polish color and a remover. It also comes with the UV light and usb plug-in.


It took around 45 the first time I tried the whole process with my bestie at her house, then I was so obsessed with her kit I went back and bought my own! The second time I tried it out it took around 30 minutes and was still super easy. Within the box their is an easy to follow directional paper that tells you times, amount of coats, and everything else youd need to know. The UV light is super easy to use, and is incredibly quick at setting the nails/polish as well.


It’s easy to add fun decorations to your nails using this kit too- glitter, gems, various colors. Another amazing aspect about DIY gel nails are their lasting power. My first manicure using this kit lasted two weeks without chips- TWO WEEKS! This is perfect if you have a job where your using your hands a lot; washing dishes, opening boxes, all that good stuff can sometimes destroy a nice manicure. But I have finally found a semi-cure with this gel kit.


And another benefit as you can see in my picture above is that when you get color or polish onto your skin it peels right off- allowing for a clean polished look!

And that’s it! My first forray into gel manicures! See you next time,



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