The Body Shop Haul

Hello hello!

Don’t you just love body care products? Soaps, lotions, all the goodies that make your skin soft and smell delicious? Yeah? Me too.

Working in a mall, you tend to walk past all the shops and unfortunately, see all their specials. So, whilst meandering past the Body Shop on my way to pick up some lunch, I saw their ‘buy 4 items get 40% off’ deal and thought I would just pop in.

Pop in I did, and good deals I found.



Of the four items I purchased, I can honestly say they are all suburb. I would absolutely recommend them all! Annnnd into further detail;


Body Butter-Mango: A stunner, insanely moisturizing, and smells incredible. This butter keeps my skin soft all through the day.

All-In-One BB Cream: Shade 01, gives light to medium coverage, blends seamlessly, and looks great on days when you don’t want to wear makeup- but still want to look good.


Tea Tree Body Scrub: Can we just talk about the smell. Oh, my, lord the smell. Absolutely amazing. Light, refreshing, and great for blemished skin.

Body Polisher: Basically, an unrolled loofah. This is perfect for scrubbing those hard to reach places like your back!

What other Body Shop goodies should I try??



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