Grunge Chic OOTD

Hey guys,

I have been all about the fall fashion lately. Beanies, layers, knits and lots of monochrome colors. I recently also had my hair done and was feeling extra snazzy so I thought I’d share that look with you all!


grunge2 grunge3

It’s amazing what a nice pair of black leggings and a flannel can accomplish! I love the ability to layer during fall as one moment it can be freezing, the next a hot flash. These booties are my new loves as well, a recent find off Asos they have just a slight heel and make even my most casual looks a bit more trendy. Recently I’ve also been loving layering with cute frilly socks. Remember when we used to wear ruffled socks with our dress shoes when we were little?! Well, who says you can’t bring that trend back when you’re in your 20s??

Hope you enjoyed this little outfit!



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