A Very Merry LUSH Christmas

Hello hello!

I love Christmas. Phew. Glad we covered that early on. I also love LUSH, like alot alot. Also baths. Especially during the winter season, when its freezing outside, and all you want to do is thaw out in steaming hot water that smells like LUSH-y goodness.

brb, I’ll be in the bath.

OK, now I smell delightful and am ready to share with you all my favorite picks from the…..

LUSH Christmas collection:


The Melting Snowman: A luxurious bath melt reminding us all of hot toddy drinks, cinnamon, and clove

Cinders: Cinnamon and crackling fires will bring fall to a close with this bath bomb!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar: Cotton candy scented! YAY! And reusable? And on a fairy wand? *sigh*

Father Christmas: I literally cannot wait to test this puppy out- with the snow fairy scent this bath bomb promises red and green Christmas waters!

So White: For a quick morning refresher – this bath bomb is bright and apple scented

Butterbear: A take on the classic LUSH butterball scent with a touch of vanilla

Snow Angel: So, this goodie is apparently half bath bomb and half bath melt…what?! And marzipan scented?


I love Christmas.

Also cookies, I love cookies.


And that’s all I picked up this time around! What are your favorite LUSH goodies?? Recommendations?



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