Free Sample Fridays: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

I’m back for round 2!

I have recently been loving using eye primer underneath my eyeshadows. I found that this really helps the color staying power and pigmentation. I do have some of my personal favorites, however I thought id give these trails a try:


I received each of these in a Smashbox eyeshadow palette and have been using them off and on since. They seem to have a chalky-like texture, a beige color, and comes on a doe-foot applicator.

After several uses, I honestly am not that impressed. I have definitely tried out better eyelid primers and for me, they have a better texture- softer, more pliable and creamy. Color wise, the Smashbox one is comparable to most of the others I’ve tried.

Would I purchase a full-size? Nope.

My favorite shadow primer: MAC painterly paint pot



4 thoughts on “Free Sample Fridays: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

  1. You know… I don’t MIND this primer… but I hate, HATE the packaging. You can hardly get anything out of it and there is no way to squeeze it either… Lately I’ve been getting a lot of good use out of the one from Milani actually. I think it’s much better and less than $7!

  2. I have found that eye shadow primers do not let my eyelid skin “breathe” enough and they get very red and sore. I use Bare Minerals concealer “well-rested” instead and it makes shadow stay on longer, especially in hot weather. At the same time I apply it on my lids, I go ahead and dab some in the inner corners of my eyes and under my eyes where needed. It also makes a good matte brow highlighter.

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