Free Sample Fridays: Lancome Visionnaire

Welcome back readers to another wonderful addition of free sample fridays!


I have a great one for you today; Lancome’s Visionnaire. This product is boasted to be skin corrector and perfector, smooths lines and wrinkles, and deletes pores. Does it do its job?

Well, through multiple uses and many trials, I can honestly say this product is a win. I would usually use this product in the mornings, after washing my face. I liked to use it as a makeup primer. Its texture is velvety soft, smooth, and blends in seamlessly with your skin. It has a sheer color, and honestly made my skin SO SMOOTH!

Even before I put makeup on my skin looked more smooth, and after placing foundation over, my skin looked even better. I think that this is one of those products that makes your skin better and better over time- so I cant wait to use it more!

Would I purchase a full-size? Definitely!

Have you ever tried this goodie?




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