Free Sample Friday: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Helllloooo again!

This may or may not be my fave of all the samples I’ve tried…


This face cream is extremely light, has no scent, and is veryyyyy moisturizing. I have been applying this each morning before putting on my foundation and am in LOOOOVE. It sits so comfortably underneath my foundation and concealer, and more importantly doesn’t cause the coverage to slip.

When I say this is moisturizing I truly mean it. It’s perfect for wintertime as my skin gets a bit drier around my forehead. This cream sinks right in and smooths out allllll the imperfections. And honestly, I feel like my skin looks even better after using this for about a week. I am so impressed with this little delight I can’t wait to purchase a full size! Now I want to buy everything from this brand because the hype must be worth it….*sigh* sorry bank card…

Will I purchase a full size? Heck yes!



2 thoughts on “Free Sample Friday: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

  1. Sounds like good stuff! I might try it if I ever use up the bunch of just ok products I have stashed. I tried out the Lancôme Vissionaire and it’s ok for me, but doesn’t do as much for me as their regular clear primer of their illuminator primer do.

  2. I love this cream! My boyfriend actually uses it and that’s how I discovered it. I totally dip into the jar sometimes when he’s not looking haha most of Kiehl’s skin care products are really wonderful.

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