10 Tips to Surviving High-School

Hi friends!

We all went through high-school, or are going through high-school, and know the struggle. There are times where we wished we had a little help or a little insight into what we are going through.

First, let me start by saying that I encountered so many people who told me “these are going to be the best years of your life!” One, don’t believe them. Two, if those are the best years of your live…you are missing out. I was one of those people who had a few friends, more acquaintances, joined clubs, did okay in classes, basically, i was average. And boy did I hate high school.

So, as someone who has been there, done that, I thought I would give my top 10 tips to surviving high-school:

1. Smile- Now I know this may sound stupid, or obvious but it’s something that I wish I would have known going into a whole new school. The first step to making a friend, or a new acquaintance is flashing a smile, show those pearly whites and let the others around you know you’re here to make friends too

2. Join a club, or a few- Don’t let stereotypes dictate how you decide to live these four years. Join clubs that interest you, I promise you’ll meet a few cool people along the way

3. Try. Try in your classes, try to make friends, try in all that you do. Especially your classes…schools important guys

4. And on that note- Go to class. Simple, just go, you’ll learn a thing or two.

5. Try to go to at least one football game. I know, I know. I hate sports too. But for me, it wasnt about the game, it was about being a part of the environment, friends, food, and fun!

6. Be nice. Now I wish this tip was more commonplace than it is, but each of us can make a difference. Everyone is going through their own struggle, they all have different lives than you, and

7. Don’t think you have to love school. I didn’t. High school was bearable on good days. But try to find something you like about it. Do you have an amazing english teacher? Is there always parking? Does your cafeteria make a mean pizza? *hahaha*

8. Don’t be mean. Honestly this little tip will take you pretty far in life. Don’t bully. Don’t pick on someone because their different. Just don’t.

9. Make connections with your favorite teachers. At the end of your four years these could be the people who help you get into your dream college. You might need advice one day and forming professional relationships early in your teens can be a great start to future networking.

10. Have fun. Now I don’t mean to go to parties when that kid in your biology class’ parents are out-of-town. I mean cultivate friendships, fall in (and out) of love, go to dances, make really terrible fashion mistakes, wear the wrong color foundation, and live your life. You’re not going to be a kid forever, so cherish this time you have…and remember, it’s only four years of your life! You can do it!



One thought on “10 Tips to Surviving High-School

  1. Bren, that piece was excellent. Very good ideas and very good writing style. I did not hate high school exactly, but by my senior year, I couldn’t wait to get out. I think I was bored.

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