LUSH Spring Haul


I love LUSH. I love LUSH so incredibly much. So upon my recent vacation I corralled my extended family into the car and dragged us to the nearest LUSH location.


Everyone and their dog has been posting pictures of the adorable new spring-shaped goodies. And me, being easily coerced into purchasing anything remotely cute…had to have them.



Bunch of Carrots: my first absolute pick of the LUSH spring haul…this delightful citrus-scented cutie is basically perfect. It’s a reusable bubble bar, comes in a bunch of three, and smells fresh and like oranges. I cannot wait to use them!

Lemony Butter Cuticle Butter: I tested this out the last time I was in LUSH and was so impressed by how soft it made the skin around my nails. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get tons of hang nails. This thick butter is so rich and is able to moisturize even the roughest hands.

Fluffy Egg: this hot pink bath bomb is formulated in one of LUSH’s signature scents- cotton candy. It is sweet, fruity, and rich all at once.

RED Fun: The best way I can describe this is play dough made out of soap. The concept is that this bar of soap can be molded into various shapes- perfect for young children….or young adults 🙂 Also, it smells like mandarin….amazing.

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair): This is one of LUSH’s signature massage bars. It is a moisturizing lotion bar, scented of citrus (of course…my fave). If you have not tried LUSH’s massage bars yet I would highly recommend it. They are perfect for after you get out of the bath to re-hydrate your skin.

Overall, this LUSH trip was a complete success and I have completely enjoyed each and every product. If you can, I would recommend trying any you can!




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