Free Sample Fridays: Benefit Dream Screen

Hello hello!



I am been trying to use up my bundle of face-primer-sunscreen-product-things lately, which surprisingly there are quite a lot of. This week my sample of choice was the Dream Screen by Benefit. This product is boasted to be a 45SPF sunscreen for your face.

I was able to use this product several times to gain a more complete review of it. Unfortunately, I am not that big of a fan. I do enjoy the fact that Benefit has a facial sunscreen, however what really turned me off about this product was the consistency. It is more of a serum texture, very liquid, and runs through the fingers easily.

The upside to this product is that it smells divine and dries matte on the skin. Most facial moisturizers leaves the skin feeling oily and slick yet this product manages to become a matte base for your next layer of makeup!

Would I purchase a full-size? No, while this product does have its benefits *pun intended haha* it’s just not for me.



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