Too Faced Melted Lipstick Review

Hey friends!

Today I’m coming at you with a review of a new favorite lipstick. I think I’m basically the last person to try the Too Faced liquified liquid lipsticks- but boy am I glad I did!



I was doing my usual “I’m just going to walk around Ulta and not buy anything” thing, when I stumbled upon these goodies and finally felt like trying them out. I adore these lip colors for a variety of reasons; they are beautifully pigmented, they smell delightful, they come in a variety of colors and I absolutely adore how they look on.

I fell in love with them after purchasing my first that fateful day in Ulta so I had to come back for more. I now I have three wondrous colors;




As you can see from the pictures above these lip colors are highly pigmented and have an amazing amount of shine. When the colors do wear off, they do so in an easy manner. By this I mean that they don’t leave awkward color around the edge of your lips but they fade evenly. Reapplying is easy, and the applicator is small and sponge-like.

Overall, I am completely sold on these lip colors. I would highly recommend trying them out- there is a color for everyone!



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