Free Sample Friday: LUSH Ocean Salt

Hey all!

I am loving this series…and I hope you all are too! This week we will be talking about the lovely LUSH product; Ocean Salt body scrub.


I adore LUSH. Let’s start with that basic fact. And I have a strong feeling that the majority of you all do too.

That being said, this little joy is an exfoliating scrub that is perfect for the summer season. Its formulated with ingredients such as sea salt (I know, gasp!), mango butter, coconut oil, and organic lime extracted in vodka.


I have no idea. But I love it.

It smells amazing, It makes my skin so soft. It is perfect to use before self tanning, shaving, or just to have those super soft legs we all adore.

Are you convinced now? Read more about this treat here! Let me know if you all have any LUSH goodies you swear by!

Would I purchase a full-size? Done and done.





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