Review: The Naked Smoky Palette

Hello friends!

Are you as obsessed  with Urban Decays Naked collection as I am?!

I adore all the palettes: I own the original and the Naked 3, and when news dropped that Urban Decay was launching another palette…I knew I needed it.

The Naked Smoky palette is a collection of 12 shadows with a grey base (instead of brown or rose). This palette is perfect for creating a dark, nighttime, smoky look: completely different from the previous releases.


I love how it does have several brown basic shades, but it morphes into darker grey and taupe shades. I have sampled all the shades on my eyes and am so impressed with the pigmentation and blend ability of these shadows. They truly are such great quality; absolutely worth the $54 price tag.

My favorite shades so far are Combust, Dirtysweet, Password and Dagger. I’m also obsessed with the grayish-purple shade called Smolder. This shade is absolutely stunning.


Now the packaging. Oh my goodness friends, Urban Decay keeps going above and beyond with their packaging. This case is a thick plastic, with a magnetic closure. It seems quite sturdy and would be ideal for traveling.

Overall, I am beyond impressed with this palette and would recommend it to everyone. There are colors to suit every skin tone as well as shades the create a daytime or nighttime look. It is a versatile and gorgeous treat 🙂

Who else picked this baby up?! Send me pictures of looks you create! I’d love some inspiration!


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