Free Sample Friday: Becca Primer

Hi friends!

This week for Free Sample Friday I tested out a new primer.



This primer is from the brand Becca. This brand is known for their outstanding quality highlighters so I was excited to test out another realm of their beauty line.

This is the Ever-Matte Powerless Perfecting Primer. If the name doesn’t talk the product up enough, the price should. Available at Sephora, a bottle slightly over one ounce runs for $36. Yikes.

So, on to the review. I used this product for a week straight every morning before applying my makeup. I used a small dollop across my forehead and another that I blended down my nose and chin. I first noticed the texture of this product. It almost felt like I was rubbing glue on my face; it was extremely sticky when applying but dried quickly. It had no scent which to me is a big bonus. Overall, I felt like it kept my naturally oily face slightly more matte throughout the day, however it wasn’t what I would consider a holy grail product. I also noticed a significant increase in acne when I began to use this product…so thats not good.

Would I purchase a full-size? No. I wasn’t that impressed unfortunately.

However, ff you’re interested in this product or any of Becca’s other great products, check them out from the Sephora website here!


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