DIY: Bathroom Accessory Holders

Helllllo again!

Today I’ve got a DIY special coming at you with what I do with my burnt out candles!


I don’t know about you, but I run through candles ridiculously quick. I love to have them burning in the evening while I get ready for bed, around the bath, and throughout the house to make it feel cozy and warm. This means I end up with quite a lot of empty candle jars. These glass containers can make amazing craft projects!

My favorite way to clean out these candle jars is to burn them as low a possible then place them in the freezer. I usually leave them in there for around 24 hours- or until I remember that I put them in there. Then I scrape out the frozen wax with a butter knife over the garbage can until I get the majority of the wax out. Finally, to clean out all the residue I let the jar sit in the sink with hot water and scrub it all out!

These jars, cleaned out, are so useful! They have a secure lid, are functional and the perfect size!


I chose to use these in the bathroom to store my cotton buds and cotton pads. Its a cute and trendy way of showing whats usually hidden away in a drawer. I think it gives a modern look to the room and I am very happy with the results!



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