Brenda’s Book Club: Paper Towns

Hello again,

This week on my reading adventure I finished up Paper Towns by John Green.



I adore John Green as an author. He knows how to capture teen thoughts about life and love in such a sweet and romantic way. I loved reading The Fault in Our Stars and found the film magnificent as well. So I was extremely excited to read this next one.

Paper Towns is a sweet love story between a boy who falls in love with his adventurous neighbor. After his neighbor goes missing mysteriously, he takes it upon himself to find her.

It’s a tale of friendship, life, love and finding yourself. The writing style of John Green allows you to get inside the mind of the narrator and feel what they are feeling. This book was an adventure to read and I honestly couldn’t put it down.

I didn’t necessarily like the end of the story, but I did enjoy reading it! What do you all think of John Green? Have you read this one?

Next book: The Circle by Dave Eggers

Talk to you soon,



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