100th Post! Following Your Dreams: Careers

12Hi friends!

This is my 100th post on this blog! I have always loved writing, and I am so happy I get to share my passion with whomever feels like reading it- so to those of you who do I want to say a big thank you! With this being a momentous occasion, I thought it only fitting to write a bit more of a lifestyle post. So here goes!


How cliche of a title is that?

Sometimes I feel insanely lost. Like, all my friends are married, getting engaged, starting amazing careers and on and on….

Yet I’m over here hopping from job to job, struggling to decide whether or not I want sulfate in my shampoo.

For me, a job is one of the biggest reasons behind why I feel like I’m not achieving enough or successful enough. Now, its worth being said that I am by no means an expert. I am simply a 24-year-old girl who is trying desperately to find my place in this world, and dragging you along for the journey. 

I often face the conundrum of whether to take a job that bores me for the constant pay, or to risk it all for what I’m passionate about. Taking that initial leap is beyond frightening, and I still have troubler doing it, but the payoffs are worth it. Its like the constant battle between risk and reward; the greater the risk the greater the reward, and vice versa. (See mom, my finance degree was worth something)!

So, here are my five simple tips to start following your dreams!

  1. Make a dream/vision board. It doesn’t matter if it’s on paper, cut out of magazines or on the computer. Create a board of all the words, phrases, and images that inspire you.
  2. Do something that isn’t for money. We live in a society that is so wrapped up in monetary devices that sometimes it is hard to separate yourself from them. That being said, my advice is to find something that you’d do for no pay- whether it’s an internship, volunteer work, or simply indulging in a hobby of yours such as photography or writing.
  3. Test the waters. We’ve all had jobs we’ve despised. Flipping burgers isn’t for everyone, but my parents have always taught me that even the worst jobs can teach you something. Your first job doesn’t have to be your career. So take a job, then another, and absorb as much as you can from each opportunity.
  4. Ask. This is such a simple notion, but for some reason it’s so underutilized. If there is something that you find interesting- find someone else who is interested in it too and chat! Make friends, make acquaintances, and make business contacts. Send that book author a note telling her how much you enjoyed her writing style. Email the professor and ask them how they got to where they are. Talking and asking questions doesn’t hurt anyone.
  5. And finally, be happy. This is by far the most important and most difficult step in any career. In my opinion, this is what distinguishes a job from a career. Happiness doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes its more difficult to find for some than others. But you deserve to be happy. So devote 15 minutes of each day to find what makes you happy, I promise I will too.

And those are my tips to trying to find your way just a little more!



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