DIY: Jewelry Holder

Hello friends!

I love wine. #amirightladies?


Being a mid-twenty-year-old female, I drink wine. We go wine tasting, go out to dinner, have girls nights out, and wine flows abundantly throughout these evenings.

These end with quite a few empty bottles floating around my house. Now I do recycle quite a few of them, however I got to thinking; what else could I do with these bottles?


(btw: super good inexpensive wine I found at Target!) 

Also being a girl, I have quite a lot of jewelry; particularly bracelets. I don’t know how you all store your bracelets, but I had utterly no idea how to store mine. I tried a jewelry box, laying them out, but nothing worked. I could never find one to wear with my outfit.

So to merge these two issues I decided to make a bracelet holder with these wine bottles. Its a great way to display your jewelry so you can see what you own, look at what matches with each outfit, and its super cute to leave on your dressing table!


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