Free Sample Friday: Living Proof Style Extender

Hi friends!

This week I have been trying out a new sample product: the Living Proof Prime Style Extender. This product boasts to prime and extend your hairstyle- keeping it looking better for longer.


As far as application goes I waited until my hair had air-dryed a bit and was damp before applying this product. I used about a quarter-sized amount and ran it through my hair from the ends up to the roots. I LOVE how smooth this product feels in my hair! Not only does it keep my hair from getting tangled but it feels SO SOFT! After fixing up my hair for the day, I went about my normal routine.

The next day, I woke up to my hair still looking smooth and frizz-free. Normally, my hair looks quite tangled in the morning and I have to touch up the styling before going about my day. However, after using this product I could really tell a difference. Not only was my hair incredibly smooth, but I honestly didn’t have to re-straighten any pieces! What?! Yes, this is real life.

So impressed.

It’s available on here in sizes ranging from 2-24 ounces. Online it goes for $12-$59.

Would I purchase a full-size? Yup. I am really impressed with this styling goodie!


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