Brand Spotlight: The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Hi friends!

Have you ever loved something so much that you recommend it to not only your friends, but to random people in the shopping aisles? No? Just me?

Well, this is one of those brands that I squeal over. I adore everything I have ever tried from them and have yet to be disappointed. When I picked up the Body Wash from the Body Shops Tea Tree line I didn’t think much of it.

Until I hopped in the shower one fateful day and lathered this bad boy up.


Oh. ma. gawd. Not only does this body wash have an incredible lather, but it smells. sooooo. good.

It literally smells like the most fresh, energizing, yummy, goodness that has ever graced the earth.

And did I mention that it has acne-clearing benefits?

So, I fell in love. And I went back and bought more from this range. I am now the proud owner of the Tea Tree Body Wash, Face Mask, and Face Oil.

I love using this face oil on any spots that pop up on my face, and the mask is great for clearing up any breakouts you may have.

I will no doubt go back and purchase more products from this line- because they are AMAZING.

Check them out here on the Body Shop website!

Have any of you tried these?!


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6 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

  1. I used the tea tree concealer stick for about a year and then switched. And now I want to switch back. It’s not oily like the one I’m using now, boo! Don’t you hate it when you forget why you’ve been using a product, and end up buying something lower quality?!

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