A Very Merry Liberty Christmas

Liberty is one of the iconic London brands. I think history, heritage and quality when picturing the quintessential building, the products and brand name. Merge the brand backing of Liberty with the embodiment of the Christmas spirit and there is an ultimate success.


I love Christmas. A time full of laughter, family, friends and festivities. It’s because of these things that this season makes me so happy. The lights, ornaments and colors sparkle all over town. The snowflakes falling and ice glistening evoke feelings of jubilation.

The fourth floor of the iconic building on Regent Street is a winter wonderland. Walking underneath a canopy of draped twinkling lights, you pass evergreen trees adorned with sparkling entities and hear holiday tunes in the air.

Glistening reindeer are hidden around every corner while peacocks poke their heads out from branches of trees. Each corner and around every bend, your eyes are drawn to the beauty of the Christmas season.

image2 IMG_0631 image6

Liberty is such a welcoming brand. Anyone can walk through the front doors and be greeted just like anyone else. A home to Londoners and tourists alike, each person is given the same opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of wonder and beauty. You’re not forced to buy anything, not cornered by sales associates, and the atmosphere is one of open opportunity.

A Christmas winter wonderland in a building full of possibilities make for an experience, not just a browse through a shop. Which is one of the many reasons I love Liberty, and Christmas.



One thought on “A Very Merry Liberty Christmas

  1. Very fitting, because the English were one of the very first peoples to celebrate Christmas with trees and ornamentation, food and drink and did brighten up the bleak Winter Solstice, which was so direly needed in that Northern latitude.

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