Free Sample Friday: Garnier BB Cream

Hey friends!

Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a full face of makeup but still want to look approachable in public. Just me?

Nah. I think we can all relate.

My typical Friday attire includes yoga pants, trainers, hair in a pony tail, and, if the general public is lucky, a slight flattering of foundation.

So, this week I tested out a new BBCream. You’re welcome man I passed on the street who didn’t have to run into hiding.

I love Garnier as a brand but I have never used their makeup line before so I was quite excited about testing this bad boy out.


First of all, it wasn’t necessarily a cream formula. I would say more of a watery liquid. I just used my hands to rub it into my face and was surprised by the amount of coverage it actually had. This BBCream also had a pleasant nice light scent that wasn’t too overpowering- more like a moisturizer. I found it quite build able too, I added more to some problem areas of my face and it covered my spots really well!

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. It’s lasting power was great and gave a healthy dewey look to the skin.

Would I purchase a full-size? I’m definitely considering it!

Until next time,


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One thought on “Free Sample Friday: Garnier BB Cream

  1. I have some of this. I use it on my neck & on down to the top of my top in the summertime. In the winter I have to use Dermablend on age or sunspots or whatever they are, because they stand out more with no tan. Just the tan I get from being outdoors a bit, never a deliberate tanning thing.)

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