November Favorites: London Lifestyle Edition

First of all. My ultimate favorite is the fact that I now live in London.

AHHHH. I know. I’m still pinching myself that I actually live here. But if you’re interested in what I’ve been loving this month, carry on reading!

I have a couple other favorites this month as well, so here goes babes:

  1. Skype. Thank goodness for this splendid invention for without you I would have no idea what my parents made for dinner. Which, frankly is of the upmost importance to me.
  2. Umbrellas. Damn it rains a lot in London. Do yourself a favor, buy an umbrella.
  3. Copper. This is my new favorite metal. Didn’t know I would ever have a favorite metal but hey…I can’t go back now.
  4. Quavers. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THESE IN AMERICA?! That is all.
  5. Glamour Magazine. I adore how this mag covers social issues as well…not just all fashion and beauty. Not to say I don’t enjoy those things…heck look at my blog..
  6. City Life. A love it and hate it thing, but you cannot deny the buzz around a city. Plus London is SO BEAUTIFUL!


I know this is a little blog post, but I just wanted to share some of the incredible things about this gorgeous city 🙂


Want some more London snapshots? Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin


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