London Street Style

Hey friends!

I adore living in London. This city is so full of life, adventure, and what I notice most- style. The men and women in this town are so impeccably dressed, even when dressing casually they look put-together.

But, like any city, some trends carry through everyone and are fun to pick out.

And since I’ve been in this city for a few months now, I’ve clearly noticed a few items that all typical Londoner’s wear.


Long Coats: These coats are typically an elongated pea-coat style in either black, grey or tan. They usually hit about halfway down the calf. Zara has some amazing options, like this one here!

Stan Smith Shoes: Apparently Adidas is a huge deal in London. You would think that in a rainy area white shoes wouldn’t be the go-to, but you would be wrong. Stan Smith are the absolutely most-common shoes that I have seen while living here. In particular, the ones with the green, found here.

Beanies with Bobbles: You can’t live in London without a hat in the winter. It rains, it snows and it is windy as heck. But not just any hat will do, you need one with a fur little bunny tail on top (preferably fake, we do not support animal cruelty on this blog). I adore the ones from TopShop, check them out here!

Velvet Scrunchies: Velvet is the best. I don’t know if it’s the holiday season or what, but around this time of year I want every outfit to include some form of velvet. And on days where I feel slightly more mature than a 8year old, I opt for a little scrunchie, like these!

Glitter Eyeshadow: Need I explain more? Christmas, New Years, if you needed any excuse to wear glitter all over your face (which btw you don’t) now is the time. Coat your eyes with some copper or gold or hell, even pink glitter, and you’re good for a night out! I adore these ones!

Longchamp Le Pilage Tote: If you live in a city, you need to carry a bunch of crap. It’s a fact. And to carry a bunch of crap you need a large tote that is chic, waterproof, and easy to clean. And all female Londoners carry the Large Le Pilage tote from Longchamp. You can get them in almost any department store, and in tons of colors- to like make you a super individual.

Acne Scarves: Big scarves are the best. Warm scarves are even better. But them together and charge a shit-ton for them, and you’ve got yourself a winner. The ones from Acne are beautiful, but if you’re like me, the TopShop ones look the same for a fraction of the price 😉

And that is what I have viewed whilst living in the city!

Until next time friends,


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