A Guide to New Years Eve

Hi hi!

Friends. New Years Eve is upon us. And immense outfit panic has officially set in. My closet is all over my floor and I successfully have zero things to wear.

Therefore, I made an imaginary outfit idea online in hopes of giving my internet friends an idea of what I would like to wear on New Years Eve if I could afford to buy everything I want.




First things first, I’m the realist.

Haha, jk.

But really, first thing is a dress. Preferably one that glitters because…..why not? I ADORE this one from TopShop. It is a flattering nude color, covered in glitter, and has a low back. Check, check and check.

Secondly, you need some kick-a** ankle boots. I have major outfit-envy of Inthefrow and she always pairs her dresses with little black pointy boots. Annnnnd since my goal in life is to be like her, I chose these boots from ASOS. I love the contrasting zipper and two-tone fabric. It makes the shoe stand out from just being a plain-‘ol black boot.

What about your face? Well, I want to look bronzed and glorious so my go-to bronzer for this look is the Honey Bronzer from the Body Shop. Also, all holidays call for a red lip in my opinion. I always grab my Kate Moss 107, because its dark, its sexy and its hip. All the things I wish I could be. *sigh*

To complete my dream NYE outfit, I would casually drape a fur stole over my shoulders to say ‘I’m classy but also down to earth.’ Clearly. This gorgeous one reminds me of the stunning Charlotte Simone ones I can’t afford. So I found a slightly more affordable one from where else….TopShop.

Finally, champagne.

Throw some glitter on and you’ve got the best outfit this New Years! Send me links to what you’ll be wearing this NYE!


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