Disappointing Product

Helllllo friends!

Sometimes, you gotta be real. I try to stay positive polly on my blog all the time, but I am not a fan of this product.

I am however, a HUGE fan of the Maybelline The Falsies mascara. You know the one in the purple tube?! You know.

It’s great. Plumping, lengthening, separating, it really is a winner.

So imagine my surprise when Maybelline came out with a new mascara…called The Falsies Push-Up.

I was like “oh, shit.” “This is going to be like a push-up bra for my eyes. WHO DOESNT WANT THAT?!”


Turns out it was not a push-up bra for my eyes.

More like a Wal*Mart cotton bra with the wire sticking out.

It made my eyelashes look like spider-legs. (Which I’m not into, and if you are, I’m soooooo not judging you).

Plus, it took TWO DAYS to try and wash off my eyes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So friends, today I do not give you a recommendation, but yet a warning. Please, if you buy this, invest in some strong makeup remover.

Your friend,


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2 thoughts on “Disappointing Product

  1. Worst mascara! Although I had the opposite problem…it did absolutely nothing to my lashes not even daddy long legs lashes. And then it flaked off like crazy.

  2. Good to know. Thanks. I sue Maybelline Lash Discovery because the small brush works well with my lashes which are pretty curly to start with. It stays on all day, does not flake, is easy to remove and the price is right. Also, I break the rules and cover the upper side of my lashes. I have to: they are very light, almost white!

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