Photoshoot: Suited Up

Hey all,

Here is another photoshoot from my time at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design. We were divided into groups of three in which we had to come up with a concept for a “Classics Shoot.”

In this team, I came up with the Calvin Klein styling, the makeup and hair looks and our lighting concept. Below are examples of mood boards to assist the model, photographer and hair/makeup artist in creating the look I envisioned.

I introduce you to “Suited Up.”

Imagine a powerful business woman,

taking on a self-created empire.

Glowing, healthy skin, sharp shoulders, and untamed hair.



Group_5_014 Group_5_068 Group_5_089 Group_5_099 Group_5_104 Group_5_121 Group_5_127


Model: Sasha Pereiraa

Photographer: David Gilby

Hair & Makeup: Bethany Rich Makeup

Concept: Brenda Berkey, Cassandra Seidel, Victoria Sagmeister



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