Top 5 High-End Foundations

I don’t know why, but I have a literal obsession with foundations.

Maybe its the fact that it can take away all the blemishes on your face? Or perhaps because it can make you instantly look awake and alive? Or change your look completely?

Whatever the reason, I have tried and tested a plethora of high-end foundations and have compiled a list of my top 5 for you all!


Now, before anyone thinks “don’t those shades look a bit different?” Well yes, they do in fact. Because sometimes I fake tan, sometimes I never go outside and am paler than the white rabbit, and sometimes I like to mix multiple foundations and pretend I’m a makeup engineer.

Is that a real job?!

If so, I totally want to apply.



My Top 5 Fave High-End Foundation (in no particular order):


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 12 Beige Rose: 

Price: $48 at Nordstrom
Coverage: This Foundation is purported to be an “ultra-light skin perfecting sunscreen makeup.” It’s SPF 15, which is a great added benefit to any foundation in my opinion. It does appear as a light foundation, and isn’t too build able.
Staying Power/Overall Review: The lasting power of this foundation is pretty great- especially for summer wear. It is suggested to apply with your fingertips and blend into the skin- which I would agree is the easiest way to apply, with the best results.

Estee Lauder Double Wear in1N2 Ecru:

Price: $38 from Sephora
Coverage: This foundation has incredible coverage. It takes a bit of time to blend into the skin so I recommend using a short foundation brush or a beauty sponge.
Staying Power/Overall Review: I love how this foundation lasts on the skin. It never creases or sinks into fine lines or wrinkles. It has a slight dewy finish, while never looking greasy.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation in Cream Ivory:

Price: $48 from Sephora
Coverage: Another foundation with a great coverage. I would say this one is medium-high coverage. It’s definitely buildable, but one coat is usually enough.
Staying Power/Overall Review: A smooth application, with an incredible lasting power. This product is semi-matte and semi-dewy. I love how many color options they have with this product as well- this one is an EXACT match to my skintone, which never happens.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Light5 Fiji:

Price: $45 from Sephora
Coverage: The most extreme coverage for sure. This color is definitely too yellow-toned for me, but works great mixed with a lighter tone.
Staying Power/Overall Review: With a highly dewy finish, you’ll want to make sure to carry a bit of powder when wearing this foundation. It is the most difficult to blend in and requires a short-bristled foundation brush to blend into the skin.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Light3 Groenland:

Price: $44 from Sephora
Coverage: A light to medium coverage,  I usually only use this foundation in the summer when I’m a bit tan and don’t want to high of a coverage.
Staying Power/Overall Review: Another foundation in an SPF of 30, this one is absolutely perfect for summertime. It is so easy to apply, rub it on with your fingers, a beauty sponge or brush. It has a slight bit of a dewy finish, but is completely healthy looking.

And those are some of my current faves! I’m dying to try a couple more I’ve seen lately, but my goal is to finish these up first!

What are your go-to foundations??


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 High-End Foundations

  1. I’m still stuck on Lancôme Renergie,Lifting Foundation shade 310 or 30C. I has light reflecting properties, covers well and lasts and does not require more than a light dusting of a translucent powder. Of course it’s marketed to those 50 or older, has been around a long time and I hope it’s not discontinued before I am.

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