Birkin Bag: Is It Worth It?

We know Hermes. We know the signature orange color, the quality materials, and the very, very, very insane price tags.

And what is most commonly associated with Hermes? Well, their signature Birkin bag of course.

This bag is so insanely popular that even the wealthiest people have to be on a waiting list for at least two years to even possibly get one.

But why do we continue to buy them? What’s the allure around a bag so expensive that it could buy several nice cars?

Oh you didn’t know? Yeah. This bag is worth upwards of $10,000.

Sh*t. I know.

So again, I beg the question. Why in heavens name would anyone spend that much money on a HANDBAG?!



We (as humans who value fashion highly) want to be percieved as incredibly fashionable, talented, creative, wealthy, and sought-after people. Nothing in this world says that more than a Birkin.


And, what I’ve noticed about the fashion industry, is that status is extremely important. But spending that kind of money on a bag? Is status that important?

I would love to know your thoughts- if you had the money, would you buy a Birkin?!


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One thought on “Birkin Bag: Is It Worth It?

  1. I don’t think they are good looking enough to be that expensive, but I suppose as a status symbol they are unsurpassed. I think that even if I could afford one, I’d probably look around for something of very good quality, but prettier and not just tops as an indicator of one’s status. Even if you are rich, rich, rich, worrying about that kind of status must be exhausting.

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