New Lip Obsession: Buxom

Where has this brand been all my life?!

Let me back track.

I found myself wandering the aisles of Sephora. I know BIG shock. And the Kat Von D Lolita liquid lipstick was sold out again. Another shocker. So I was walking aisle to aisle looking for another lip product to fill the Lolita shaped hole in my heart.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Buxom display and the Full-On Lip Sticks and Full-On Lip Creams.

I don’t even know why I picked the first one up, but I am SO GLAD that I did. These lipsticks/lipglosses are OUT OF THIS WORLD.


First off, this range of lipsticks have an incredible collection of colors, mostly everyday more wearable shades, but there is something for every skin tone.

The shades I picked up in the lipsticks were Sydney and San Francisco.


Sydney is the perfect everyday my-lips-but-better color. Its nude, its pink, its soft and its perfection.

San Francisco can be described as more of a dusty mauve color. Its your lips but darker, more sultry, with a little more depth. Its another great everyday color.

Plus, they have an amazing minty tingle, almost like a plumping effect to them- which I loooooove. The pigmentation is wonderful as well. They are more glossy than matte, but last quite awhile.

I also picked up on of the lip creams, in the color White Russian. Thanks Jaclyn Hill.

And this lip cream is INCREDIBLEEEE. It has the most amazing cupcake-y scent, is plumping and super glossy. Also, layered on top of the Sydney lipstick, it is my new favorite go-to lip combo!



Overall I am over the moon with these products, in fact, they may be my new favorites 🙂


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