Spring Skincare Haul

I have been super into skincare lately. I mean, like, I should always be into skincare.

But makeup is usually more fun.

Anywho, skincare.

I’ve paid a bit more attention to it lately, trying out some new products from brands I have heard a lot about, but never tested. So…here you go!

IMG_1252 IMG_1253

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser– Okay, this cleanser is so cool. I picked it up in the aisle of doom of Sephora because 1. its travel size and travel size products are like, the cutest and 2. it was only $10 and I am a sucker for things that are inexpensive. So when I tested it out, I pumped some into my hand it was black. As in completely opaque black. Then, when you rub it on your face, it gets warm. I don’t know if its working, but I feel like it has to cuz it’s so cool.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– I can’t even. This product is everything. I had a gnarly zit on my chin (you’re welcome for that visual) and needed something to tame it. I’ve heard people talking about this Drying Lotion forever, so I grabbed one at Ulta and threw it on right before bed. When I woke up the next morning and MY ZIT WAS GONE. 100%. Gone. WHAT?! Im hooked.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser– This is an extremely gentle cleanser. It doesn’t remove makeup that well, however as a basic cleanser, it does its job. No scent, and very soft on the skin.

First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask– I’m not sure about this mask. It goes on bright red, which is freaky in itself. However after applying, I kept waiting for this product to dry- and it never really did. After about 15minutes or so, you peel it off and ta-da! Clear skin! I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my skin, however this mask does make my skin feel soft and super clean.

And thats it for my mini skincare haul!

What are your skincare must-haves??


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