MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Cosmetics. The mecca for all things lipstick. I remember purchasing my first like it was yesterday. I walked in, nervous, approached a friendly looking staff member (who I happened to go to high-school with, and liked) and asked him to choose the perfect color for me. I gave him no boundaries, no requests. I just said “pick the color you think suits me.”

And the rest is history.


MAC lipsticks come in SOOOOOO many colors and shades. They also come in several different finishes including Frost, Cremesheen, Amplified, Glaze, Lustre, Matte, Retro Matte, and Satin.

I think the best way to see if a lipstick is right for you is to see actual color swatches on someone with a similar skintone to see how to would look on you.

(I have a light/fair skintone for reference)

In the following images I include the shade name and the lipstick finish. Hope you enjoy!

Please excuse the crappy application on some of these swatches, I didn’t use any lipliner ‘cuz I’m lazy…whoops 🙂

allfiredup cremecup miley plumful russianred syrup velvetteddy

My favorite colors on me are Velvet Teddy, Syrup and Plumful. These three colors are SOOOOO easy to wear. I am obsessed with the Lustre finish as it glides on so easily and wears through out the day very well. The Matte finishes are equally as beautiful, but require a more precise application. I would definitely recommend using a lipliner with any bold or matte colors.

What is your go-to MAC Lipstick color? I would love to know!


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8 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Collection

  1. I really like how you’ve written this post! I like the look of plumful – it’s been on my list for a while now! I wrote my post a while back and thought I wouldn’t buy anymore but there has been 2 since and every time I look at posts like these there are always more too add to the list!! xx

  2. I liked the Velvet Teddy shade on you, maybe I should try it. However, pretty much over-budget on make-up right now!

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