Free Sample Friday: Makeup Forever HD Primer

This Friday I wanted to tell you all about a new primer I’ve been testing out.

I wore this primer all day today (8 hours) and was so impressed, I couldn’t wait to get on here and tell you all about it!

Then the bad news struck…I can’t find this product on or Sephora!! It seems to still be available on Amazon and Ebay, but it looks as if the company may have discontinued it. Which basically just broke my heart.

Let me break it down for you, this product was incredible.

I noticed that the places on my face that normally get oily throughout the day stayed matte. The pores around the center of my face appeared small, and my makeup stayed in place and didn’t get patchy either. By the end of the day my face normally looks like it could use another coat of foundation, but this primer made my foundation last impeccably.

I was extremely impressed by this and am wondering if any of you know of a replacement product that is similar?! Help a girl out!


Would I purchase a full-size? Heck yes! If it was available 😦


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One thought on “Free Sample Friday: Makeup Forever HD Primer

  1. If it’s a silicone based primer like I think it is. You could try the Smashbox photo finish range those are all silicone based and meant for oily skin

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