April Favorites

I haven’t done one of these in a hot minute, but there are quite a few things I’ve been loving lately I would love to share with you all!

Ps the sun is out and which has made me 10325983% more happy and willing to take more photographs. So….enjoy!


Nikes- I have been working out quite a bit lately (gasp…..shock horror, I know) and needed a new pair of training shoes. Luckily, I have a great boyfriend who surprised me with these beauties 🙂

Lipstick– This is my first Urban Decay lipstick, and I am in lovvvvve with it. I picked mine up in the shade Naked, the perfect light nudey-pink. The finish isn’t quite matte, but not quite glossy either. It’s the perfect mix of both worlds. (P.s. these lipsticks are on sale at Sephora for only $11 right now…..)


Facial Mist– Tatcha has the most glorious packaging. This facial mist comes in a gorgeous glass bottle and emits the finest mist in the world. It makes your skin appear glowing and refreshed without looking sweaty. I love to lightly mist this over the face after I’ve finished my makeup to give a light dewey finish.

Blush– I have heard about this blush FOREVER, but never got around to splurging on this product. In the color Exposed, this blush is the perfect pink/mauve/nude mix. It looks completely natural on the skin, but gives a little flush of color.


Purse- I picked this little bag up while in Vegas a few weeks back for a whopping $10. It is the perfect size to hold a phone, wallet, lipstick and keys. It had a long over the shoulder strap, and zip closure- plus its in the perfect dusty rose color for spring.

Fave TV Shows: WHY DID I NOT START GREYS ANATOMY SOONER?! Im honestly at a loss for words for myself. This show has become my life this last month. I feel like I’m at least a second year resident with all the knowledge I’ve gained over 4 seasons…so…theres that….

The O.C.- Hulu you did me dirty. Like I needed another show to become addicted to. I stumbled upon this gem while perusing Hulu. I was more of a One Tree Hill girl, so I never got hooked on the O.C., until now. Between Greys Anatomy and The O.C. I have just enough time to bathe and eat…….occasionally.

And that’s it for April! What were some of the things you loved this last month? Any new shows I can get completely addicted to?


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2 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I love your bag!! You’re lucky the oc is only 4 seasons and not 12 and still going like Greys. Both are great shows 🙂

  2. All of those colors look great on that lawn and I know where it is! I may have to try one of those lipsticks. What ever happens to that promise you make to yourself about not buying any more until you finish up all the old ones? It’ll never happen.
    Those are some cool looking Nikes. Lucky you!

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