Summer Wedding: What to Wear

Summer. The time of iced coffee, swimsuits, and weddings.

I am officially at the age where all of my friends are becoming adults and getting hitched. Which means its time to buy some new outfits.

I mean I’m not complaining, I love shopping and I love my friends and celebrating their love. But damn, this shit is stressful.

We are going to see a bunch of people who knew us in our prime- back when we were 115 lbs and in college. But that was awhile ago, and I don’t know about you, but my life has done a complete 360 since then.

And so begins the mad dash to find the perfect outfit to impress all my friends, fit the mood/theme/location of the wedding and fit in my post-grad budget.





TopShop Floral Plunge Midi Dress- $110,

For summer weddings, I like to stick with light floral patterns or pastels. It usually will fit any wedding theme, and compliment any skin tone/body type. But the biggest rule no matter what, don’t wear white. Its the brides day, let her have her own color.

Catarina High-Heel Sandals- $110,

Basic nude or light colored heels/sandals are also a good bet for a summer wedding as they can make your legs look longer and match any dress/accessories. My personal preference are thinner heels as well. I like this heel shape because it again lengthens the leg and makes your ankles/calves appear thinner.

Oasis Lazer Cut Fold Over Clutch Bag, $40.44,

A cute clutch is also a wedding necessity. You won’t want to carry around a big purse all day, so leave your everyday bag at home.

Britta Large Teardrop Earrings- $18,

A statement necklace or subtle multiples is the rule I like to live by. Since this dress is a bit more patterned, I opted to go with teardrop earrings that are subtle but still fun.

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse- $32,

Finally, its summer. I hate not being tan. Nothing against people who enjoy a good white leg- you do you boo. But for me, I like to look allllmosssst orange. #spraytanaddict. St. Tropez makes an amazing mousse, one application and you’re gorgeously tan. Two to three and your looking like a bronzed goddess.

And thats my quick summer wedding look! What do you all like to wear to weddings?


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