November Love List

Hey friends!

Since I now live in a big city, I am constantly surrounded by some of the most fashionable people ever. Which sucks.

Because now I want to buy everything.

Which I do not have the budget for.

However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about all the goodies I would buy if my money supply was endless.


  1. ALDO Boots– I am obsessed with black ankle boots every winter. I especially like these ones for their slight gold accent along the heel. They also come in a gorgeous burgundy which is amazing. Retail for 110pounds
  2. Chloe Faye Leather Satchel– Any fashion fanatic knows that Chloe is the ultimate for handbags. I adore the simplicity of the Faye satchels. They are youthful and trendy, but won’t go out of style since they are absolutely an investment piece. This bag retails for ….. 1,190pounds. *I just fainted*
  3. Bath & Body Works Candle– It’s not fall unless you have a Bath&Body Works candle in Leaves. That’s just a fact. Retails for $22.50.
  4. Grace Coddington Memoir– This woman is the American Vogue queen. I adore her stylistic talents and her eye for beauty and creativity. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book, only 22.40pounds.
  5. Zara Beanie– This is the one item on my list that I have actually purchased this month. I adore beanies- especially in the U.K. where it’s windy and rainy the majority of the time. I love the little ears on this as well…beacuse you know…I’m 12. Plus this little treat is only 7.99!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream– Charlotte Tilbury is my bae. Like literally, this woman is a genius. Every one of her products I’ve tried is absolutely outstanding. I have read some incredible reviews of her skincare, the magic cream in particular. This can be used before applying makeup for a plump, moisturized and youthful look. It retails for 70pounds. So yeah, I need a job.

And those are the treats I’ve been drooling over this month so far! Let me know what you’ve been lusting over!


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August Favorites

Hi friends!

Another month has passed, and it is now officially fall. How do I determine that it is fall? When pumpkin spice lattes come out, when I can start donning leggings and boots, when the leaves start to change, I could go on and on…

I’m going to be honest…I’m so excited for fall. It has always been my favorite time of year.

But, before I dive head first into that pool, let’s finish up this summer season with my favorite goodies from this month!


Book: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This book is such a page-turner. It is so full of twists and turns, up and downs, you will honestly not want to close this book. I think I read it in two days?

Makeup: The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. OMG. If you love Jaclyn Hill like I do you have to go out and purchase her latest collab with Becca cosmetics. Honestly my new fave highlighter. Secondly, the Milani Amore Matte Liquid Lipsticks. These lip colors are so pigmented, so long-lasting, so amazing I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Jewelry: I have been adoring this statement necklace I picked up at Francesca’s. The gold/cream/white color scheme makes it match with any outfit. It adds a dramatic kick to basic white tees or dresses up a summer dress.

Bodycare: The Body Shop is one of my favorites places and mango is one of my favorite scents. Put them together and you have the Mango Hand Cream from the Body Shop. I keep this little treat in my handbag and use it daily. It brings just the right amount of moisture to the skin without being greasy and smells divine.


What have you been loving this month?


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Brenda’s Book Club: Paper Towns

Hello again,

This week on my reading adventure I finished up Paper Towns by John Green.



I adore John Green as an author. He knows how to capture teen thoughts about life and love in such a sweet and romantic way. I loved reading The Fault in Our Stars and found the film magnificent as well. So I was extremely excited to read this next one.

Paper Towns is a sweet love story between a boy who falls in love with his adventurous neighbor. After his neighbor goes missing mysteriously, he takes it upon himself to find her.

It’s a tale of friendship, life, love and finding yourself. The writing style of John Green allows you to get inside the mind of the narrator and feel what they are feeling. This book was an adventure to read and I honestly couldn’t put it down.

I didn’t necessarily like the end of the story, but I did enjoy reading it! What do you all think of John Green? Have you read this one?

Next book: The Circle by Dave Eggers

Talk to you soon,


July Favorites

Hi friends!

It has been a long time since I have written a favorites post. I loooooove reading other people’s posts each month; seeing who is loving what, which books are the most recommended, which lipsticks fit the season and so on. What makes favorite posts so amazing in my opinion is that they are the true consumers reviews. It’s not always the most reliable to read reviews on company websites as many of them go through filtering processes and don’t show the full realm of what consumers think. But by reading an individuals personal blog, or watching their personal YouTube video, you see their true and honest reactions to each product or item.



This July I have been loving quite a few items, everything from makeup to fashion to books. I hope you enjoy a little peek into the goodies that have been accompanying me all month!

IMG_6552 (1)

Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home: This book is written by blogger Emily Schuman, creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Now, if you haven’t read her blog, you definitely need to check it out. Emily writes about all the things she loves, fashion, beauty, food, home decor and more. This book focuses on her tips and tricks to making your home beautiful. I adore interior design and loved flipping through the gorgeous pages of beautiful photographs to gain inspiration for design. I have this book sitting on my coffee table, I love having colorful books out for guests to browse through.

Prada Candy: This has been my scent of the summer. It is light, yet comfortable. It has undertones of vanilla making it a warm scent on the skin that lasts all day. Another note lying in this gorgeous packaging is caramel. It is sweet, but seductive with hints of musk as well. I adorrrre it 🙂

MAC Syrup: Thank you Lily Pebbles for my latest addiction. This MAC shade is a Lustre meaning it has a creamy, reflective appearance. It is a perfect “my lips but better shade” with hints of nude, pink and mauve. It is so flattering and can be reapplied throughout the day with no caking.

Blue Sunglasses: It’s the heat of summer, and where I live the sun beats down intensely. I love picking up cheap sunglasses at little boutiques and stands in the mall. I always lose them or break them, so to me it isn’t worth it to purchase a pricey designer pair if I’m just going to sit on them later. I picked up this blue-teal pair from Charming Charlie’s and have been living in them since.

NARS Laguna: Bronzers are the key to makeup existence during the summer months. It can warm up a look and take it from a 6 to a ten in seconds. It’s hard to find a shade that fits your squinting without being too red or muddy. I’ve heard a million people talk about this bronzer but I had never tried it. Finally, this month I bought one for myself. This color is gorgeous on and can be built up for a darker contour or toned down for subtle color. LOOOVE:)

And that’s what I’ve been loving lately! What has been your fave beauty product this month? Any good movies or books?


Brenda’s Book Club: Crazy Rich Asians

Hi all!

Let’s start a book club friends!

One thing people who know me well will tell you is that I am a total bookworm. I read daily- whether it’s a magazine, newspaper or book, my nose is always buried in the written (or typed) word. I think what I love so much is that you can escape to a whole new world- a world you choose to enter. Feeling adventurous? Dive into a thriller. Needing a little romance? There’s a whole genre for that.

I always try to have at least one book going at a time. I’m not really picky with genres, as long as I’m reading, I’m happy.

So, for my first ever book club choice I chose the national bestseller; Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.


This story delights in the trials and tribulations of upper-class Asian societies and what happens when an everyday girl falls in love with one of the children from the wealthiest of all the families.

As I read this book, I found myself questioning how society today regards money. In the many ways we worship it, spend it, save it, and covet it. No matter our feelings towards it, most situations boil down to money at one point or another.

Along those same lines, can we separate ourselves from it? Does our money (or lack there of) define us?

I wasn’t only posing these philosophical questions whilst reading this book however, I was also completely entertained. This novel is well-written, humorous, light-hearted, and was an absolute delight to read.

I absolutely recommend it 🙂 Have any of you read this lovely novel?

Our next book: Paper Town by John Green



Pamper Evening: My Essentials

Good evening ladies & gents!

I adore calm evenings where I have nothing to do but relax. One of my favorite things to do is to take an evening by myself and have some ‘me’ time. I think we all need alone time to recoup and re-center ourselves.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to have a pamper evening! Here are my essentials:


First I like to draw a hot bath (made better by tossing in a nice Lush bath bomb or bath melt). If I wore makeup that day I like to use the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm. This balm does an amazing job taking off heavy eye makeup quickly and easily. I always like to put a good cleansing face mask on as well on pamper evenings. I am trying out this new one from the Body Shop which is the Warming Mineral Mask. Whenever I’m having a pamper evening I like to use a nice luxurious bath wash as well- the Origins Ginger Souffle is my absolute go-to. The scent is otherwordly extravagant.



Whilst in the bath, I like to do some reading to get my mind off the days crazyness. Currently, I’m reading Graces Guide the Art of Pretending to Be a Grownup. Literally hilarious. This book is the perfect way to start or end your day, definitely takes the stress off by giving you a nice laugh. I also like to put on a bit of calming music on my phone and set it on the counter to relax to. One of my favorites is the Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station- lovely, calming, and relaxing.


After having a nice long soak in the tub, I like to put on an all-over body butter to lock in the moisture. The Body Shops mango scented one is my absolute favorite. I also like to put on a face night cream. Since I do have a bit of acne prone skin I have been using the Body Shops Tee Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion which I adore the scent of.


After all that, I like to curl up with some fuzzy socks, a good Netflix movie (my fave being Breakfast at Tiffanys), and a hot cocoa! Goodnight all!





November Favorites

Oh boy,

This post is a tad late, like a week. Whoops. Forgive me?

Thank goodness.

Ok, so without further ado, I’d like to present to you my most loved goodies for the month of November. These are the items I was excited to use and never let out of my sight!



#1- Grace Helbig. In particular, her new book “Grace’s Guide.” I adored this book. It was the perfect way to end my evenings, reading a chapter or two before bed. Her hilarious antics and stories make you feel like you’ve found your long-lost goofball big sister.

#2- Kenra hair products. I’m not even going to limit it to one, the entire Kenra Platinum haircare range is superb. Maybe it’s because I recently spent too much money getting my hair colored that I feel as if I owe it better quality products- but more recently I’ve been venturing into the premium haircare brands at Ulta. And I’m so glad I did. The finishing spray, the texturizing spray, the curl defining cream, I could go on and on.

#3- MAC Lustre lipstick in Plumful. Sometimes I want a lip color but I’m not in the mood to reapply every hour or so. Plumful is the perfect all-season, not-too-bright but not-to-subtle color. Its pinky/purpley/reddy shade is so attractive on and I’ve found myself reaching more and more for it.


#4 Rose Gold necklaces. I am such a sucker for a bit of rose gold. I don’t know what it is about this shade of jewelry but I just find it so flattering! This specific necklace is a chunky chain piece I picked up at H&M and find an excuse to wear with every outfit.


#5 Benefit brows. I know I know. It really took me this long to jump on the benefit brow wagon? Yes, yes it did. And that’s all thanks to a certain someone who has brows of perfection and credits it solely to Benefit…you know who you are…

#6 Elizabeth Arden 8hr Nourishing Lip Balm. I love this. So much. You know how it’s super windy and cold this time of year? And regular old lip balms just won’t fix those chapped lips? Well look no further. This magic tube is all of your wishes come true. I’m a convert.

Whadya think? Any products you’ve tried out this month that you’d recommend? Let me know below!



Book Review: Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah

Hello lovelies!

Please forgive me for my week-long departure from blogging…I just wanted to give you something other than another beauty post. Which leads me to books! I am a book fanatic, and am usually reading at least two books at a time.

My current author obsession has been Kristin Hannah. Her books are incredible love stories focusing not only on one storyline, but on several, merging them together ideally. Her characters are well-written, lovable, charismatic, and quite realistic. Her stories focus around love, not just romantic but also love between sisters, friends, mothers and daughters, and more.

Sometimes a girl just needs a love story, a cup of tea, and a snuggly blanket. Which is exactly what I did this winter. Here are some of the Kristin Hannah books I read (and recommend):


All that being said and with the winter season coming to a close, I thought I would share my thoughts on my favorite winter read- Comfort & Joy.


Comfort & Joy is a short read, truly capitalizing on the saying “good things come in small packages.” I cozied up with this book and simply could not put it down. Starting out a bit rocky, I really fell in love with this book. The main character finds herself through a series of troubling events with life-like and vibrant narration. As I don’t want to ruin the storyline I won’t delve in too much. But I highly recommend this book. Check it out, purchase it, or borrow it, this book is worth a read!

Also….can we all just take a moment to look at how cute this mug is?!


Have any of you read Comfort & Joy? Any other book recommendations for me! I’m always in search of another read!