Restaurant Review: Wagamama

This may be the dumbest post I’ve ever written. Or the most brilliant. Either way I’m posting it because I need to pass along the brilliance of this restaurant.

I love me a good bit of Asian/Oriental food.

It’s true. Pho- all about it. Chow Mein- even better. Sushi- get in my belly.


So when I heard there was  a fast-food-sit-down-restaurant hybrid that sold Asian cuisine I knew I’d found my home. Enter Wagamama. The mecca of goodness that I don’t ever want to leave behind.

Now three weeks and three visits later,  I feel that I am of adequate training to report on my findings.

  1. I bloody loved it. (I’m such a Brit now)
  2. They have the most out-of-this-world Peach Iced Tea I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.
  3. Shaved ginger on noodles?! Get out. Right now. Just kidding, come back let me eat you.
  4. The service is brilliant. Quick. Efficient. Not too much babble.
  5. Want to take your Ramen home and eat in your underpants while watching Netflix? No problem, they’ll package it up for you in no time.


My good buddy and I ordered the duck gyoza for starters and the Yaki Soba for our mains. Honestly they were incredible. If you ever find ourself near a Wagamama’s, do yourself a favor and stop for lunch. If you want to drool over their menu, click here.

And that my friends, is why I’m never leaving the U.K.


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