TV & Movie Obsessions

Hello lovelies!

I’ve decided to name this post “TV & Movie Obsessions” not “TV & Movie Favorites” because when I really like a TV show or a movie I literally become obsessed with it. Like I can’t stop watching until I can repeat every line with the actors. Thank you Netflix and Hulu for feeding my obsession…I need a hobby.

Anyway, moving right along…..


1. The Only Way is Essex: A TV show available to watch on, this British reality show is basically my guilty pleasure. I have fallen in love with the Essex slang, find myself rooting for various characters and couples, and literally fall into fits of laughter regularly.

2. Literally anything on HGTV: I can’t simply choose one show this month for my HGTV favorite because they are all amazing. My particular faves include Rehab Addict, Property Brothers, and House Hunters International. All I want to do is redecorate and renovate houses now…

3. House M.D.: Thank you Netflix for uploading this majestic television show! Now that I am binging on House, I can confidently say that I am completely trained to be either a neurologist or an infectious disease specialist. Either that or I finally learned what an LP means…..hint lumbar puncture…..gosh this show is so educational….


1. The To-Do List: Do you like inappropriate comedy? Do you like laughing until your insides hurt? Then do I have a movie for you. Rated R, this movie is definitely aimed at an older audience. The entire storyline is….a mature theme. Just watch it. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. Aubrey Plaza is a comedic genius.

2. Frozen: Big surprise here, me and every other person on the planet are virtually obsessed with this movie. I don’t know if it’s the twist on the typical Disney princess plot, the catchy songs, or the adorable snowman; but Frozen is in my DVD player and won’t be coming out anytime soon.

3. Divergent: Being a large fan of the Divergent book series (except the last one…que plot argument), I was dying to see the movie. Once I did, I can only say that I am quite impressed. The casting was on point, and I feel like the writers followed the plot quite well (of course not exactly).

4. The Other Woman: My new fave chick-flick. This movie was an all-star, over the moon, home run, hilarious comedy. If you’re wanting to see a movie in theaters I HIGHLY recommend this one!

What are your TV/Movie faves lately? I am in need of some new Netflix shows!!