Product Empties #1


I finally used up some beauty goodies! Isnt it such a satisfying feeling when you actually finish something?! I always feel like I’ve unlocked some sort of amazing achievement I lead such an exciting life….

Anywho…here is a delightful collection of what I’ve used up and a mini review of each:



Murad Clarifying Wipes: Not too shabby, definitely felt clean after using, but probably wouldn’t re purchase-not outstanding results

Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil: OMG literal life changer in the makeup remover world. A quick rub on the eyes will melt away even the darkest makeup. Will absolutely repurchase (in fact I have).

Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash: Pretty good face wash, very frothy and mild. Love this when my skins feeling a bit irritated since its quite subtle on the skin.

GlamGlow YouthMud Exfoliating mask: Amazing mask. This cleans deep into your pores and I have absolutely seen a difference the more I use it. I would repurchase if it wasn’t so darned expensive…

Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum: I loved using this serum in the morning as a morning moisturizer- debating on repurchasing; same issue- too expensive!

Murad Clarifying Cleanser: Love this face wash. This is probably my favorite face wash at this point in time, and definitely will repurchase as it has really made a difference in my skin feeling more smooth and blemish free!

Other Beauty goodies:

Old Spice Sweat Defense Deodorant: Uhm….so obsessed. My armpits have never smelled so incredible and been so sweat resistant….tmi? That’s fine, its un-friggin-believably good.

Garnier Damage Eraser Hair Butter: This hair mask is perfect to put on your hair while in the shower after conditioning. It literally makes your hair soooooo soft. An absolute must-buy.

Lorac Bronzer: Basic, great color, nothing too outstanding

The Body Shop Body Butter in Raspberry: Smells absolutely incredible and really locks in the moisture on my skin! These body butters are some of the most moisturizing skin products I’ve tried- would highly recomment testing these out!

OPI Malaga Wine: The BEST oxblood color for fall. This is my staple fall color- already repurchased.

MAC Prep and Prime: An okay primer, not my fave but definitely not the worst. Didnt break out my skin at all.


And that’s it guys! I can’t believe I kept all these empty items around…I guess I should do these product empties a bit more often…



Manicure Monday: Fourth of July Edition

Hi readers!

It has been quite some time since I have done a Manicure Monday post, but I was recently in the holiday spirit and thought I would share that with you all!


I absolutely love these nails and how they turned out! I think they are perfect for the 4th, and give me a little holiday spirit wherever I go!



The colors I used were OPI’s Color So Hot it Berns and Essie’s Strut Your Stuff. The red is my favorite bright red for summer. I usually wear it on my toes but it’s the perfect 4th of July Color! And can I just talk about how much I love this new blue color from the Essie Summer Collection?! I will probably be sporting it for the rest of the summer….just saying….

Anyways, that’s all for now!


Makeup May: Day 6- Let’s Talk Top Coats

Okay guys,

We all know I’m a nail polish junkie…I typically don’t get my nails professionally done, I love painting my own nails and trying new colors. But sometimes when you do your own nails, the polish doesn’t look as nice or stay on as long.

So I set myself on a mission: to find a top coat that will successfully keep my polish on longer, and make my nails look nicer!

I gathered the contestants:

1. Low end: Pure Ice Top Coat

2. Middle priced: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

3. High End: OPI Start to Finish Base coat, Top coat, and Strengthener



I’ve used each of these products separately, multiple times, and feel justly entitled to give my opinion on them. None of these were outrageously horrible, however in my opinion there is a clear winner.

First, I’d like to talk about each top coat to give you a little better understanding of them!

The Pure Ice top coat is great if you just want to add a little bit of shine to your nails. Although it didn’t prevent chips or make my manicure last any longer, it did have a great consistency and went on easy. Next was the Sally Hansen mega shine top coat. This top coat has a great consistency, dried extremely quickly, and made my nails look professionally done. Although it didn’t make my manicure last extremely long, it definitely extended the wear of my polish! And finally, the higher end top coat I purchased was the OPI Start to Finish. I have had this polish the longest, and have therefore been able to try this one the most. Although I had high hopes for this product, it just didn’t meet my expectations. Unfortunately, after multiple uses the consistency of this top coat became extremely goopy and hard to use. It made my polish last slightly longer, by took forever to dry. It also gave my nails a slight bubbly look, almost as if there was carbonation in the bottle…needless to say it was weird.

So which top coat is the winner?!




Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat completely exceeded my expectations for a drugstore top coat. For around 5.99 I got a top coat that did everything I wanted it to and more! Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

Any top coats you would recommend me try?



Manicure Monday #4

Hello loves!

I apologize for my two-week absence! It has been a crazy couple of weeks! But I do have an exciting announcement… month, in May, I will be doing Makeup MAYhem! Basically, that means that all month-long I will be posting makeup and beauty related blog posts. Some will be tutorials, others hauls, and more! I am very excited and have been putting together lots of ideas for you all!

Anyways, on to the point of this post! As it is a Monday, and I have been slacking in my blogging duties, I thought I would get back on track by posting my nails this week for Manicure Monday!


I wanted to do something light for spring, but I didn’t want it to be too simple. I went with OPI Alpine Snow for the base white color (2 coats), and then decided to do two accent nails with polka dots in Essie’s Penny Talk. I ended up really loving the white and rose gold color combo- it reminds me of Kate Spade! I think this would be a fun design for spring because it’s not too crazy, and is bright and fun!


Comment below with your fave spring nail ideas!


Manicure Monday #3

Hello lovelies!

Ready for the shortest post of all time?! Alllllright!

I painted my nails this week and LOVED the color, so I thought I’d share it with you all. I’ve also been taking way better care of my nails lately by using hand scrubs, manicure tools, and lotions so I’m really happy with the shape and look of my nails!


The color is OPI’s “Tickle my France-y” and in my opinion is the most gorgeous nude color ever. It almost has a purple sheen to it too which gives it a little something extra I think.

What are your favorite nude nail polish colors? Would you be interested to see a nail care routine? Let me know!



Manicure Monday #2

Hellooooo lovely readers!!

Another monday, another nail painting session whilst watching the olympics! This week I noticed OPI’s new Brazil Collection in stores and couldn’t help myself…..but I only bought one! So far…




I chose a delicious looking orange color aptly named “Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go?” This color is so perfect for spring as its not neon orange, and not too pale either. It’s a delightful shade, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like when I finally get a nice summer tan going!



I love OPI’s nail polishes because they have such a smooth application. Two coats usually give me the ideal color I was looking for, and with a nice base/top coat the color lasts for about a week or so! Now hopefully since my nails are spring-inspired the weather will get the hint???

Until next time,