Summer Wedding: What to Wear

Summer. The time of iced coffee, swimsuits, and weddings.

I am officially at the age where all of my friends are becoming adults and getting hitched. Which means its time to buy some new outfits.

I mean I’m not complaining, I love shopping and I love my friends and celebrating their love. But damn, this shit is stressful.

We are going to see a bunch of people who knew us in our prime- back when we were 115 lbs and in college. But that was awhile ago, and I don’t know about you, but my life has done a complete 360 since then.

And so begins the mad dash to find the perfect outfit to impress all my friends, fit the mood/theme/location of the wedding and fit in my post-grad budget.


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Spring/Summer 2016 Lip Trend: True Red

I was sitting around this week thinking, what lip color should I wear today?

I know, I know. Big life decisions.

Is the Kylie nude still in? Are the winter mauves out? I JUST DONT KNOW!

Thank goodness for Google. After some searching, some runway reviewing and some Sephora stalking, I have determined that this spring and summer I will be rocking the candy-apply reds.

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Fringing in a Time of Social Change

There once was a man who created an entire trend based off an already existing color. A color that become synonymous with his name. Valentino has been the brain behind trend operations for the majority of his career. Now, with two different designers behind the wheel, the brand still continues to present garments, accessories, color palettes and more that are timeless, refined and sensual. They create works of art that, in fact, become trends. With the latest catwalk from Spring/Summer 2016, Valentino showcased one particular trend I found most compelling- fringing.

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The Synergy Between Art and Fashion

Everything is influenced by something else. Whether it be music, design, writing, or food; creativity stems from being able to reinterpret something that was once old into a new existence. It is fascinating to observe design as a reoccurrence of a former art movement because it allows viewers an insight into the designers thought process. Why was this art movement chosen and what makes it relevant?

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July Favorites

Hi friends!

It has been a long time since I have written a favorites post. I loooooove reading other people’s posts each month; seeing who is loving what, which books are the most recommended, which lipsticks fit the season and so on. What makes favorite posts so amazing in my opinion is that they are the true consumers reviews. It’s not always the most reliable to read reviews on company websites as many of them go through filtering processes and don’t show the full realm of what consumers think. But by reading an individuals personal blog, or watching their personal YouTube video, you see their true and honest reactions to each product or item.



This July I have been loving quite a few items, everything from makeup to fashion to books. I hope you enjoy a little peek into the goodies that have been accompanying me all month!

IMG_6552 (1)

Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home: This book is written by blogger Emily Schuman, creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Now, if you haven’t read her blog, you definitely need to check it out. Emily writes about all the things she loves, fashion, beauty, food, home decor and more. This book focuses on her tips and tricks to making your home beautiful. I adore interior design and loved flipping through the gorgeous pages of beautiful photographs to gain inspiration for design. I have this book sitting on my coffee table, I love having colorful books out for guests to browse through.

Prada Candy: This has been my scent of the summer. It is light, yet comfortable. It has undertones of vanilla making it a warm scent on the skin that lasts all day. Another note lying in this gorgeous packaging is caramel. It is sweet, but seductive with hints of musk as well. I adorrrre it 🙂

MAC Syrup: Thank you Lily Pebbles for my latest addiction. This MAC shade is a Lustre meaning it has a creamy, reflective appearance. It is a perfect “my lips but better shade” with hints of nude, pink and mauve. It is so flattering and can be reapplied throughout the day with no caking.

Blue Sunglasses: It’s the heat of summer, and where I live the sun beats down intensely. I love picking up cheap sunglasses at little boutiques and stands in the mall. I always lose them or break them, so to me it isn’t worth it to purchase a pricey designer pair if I’m just going to sit on them later. I picked up this blue-teal pair from Charming Charlie’s and have been living in them since.

NARS Laguna: Bronzers are the key to makeup existence during the summer months. It can warm up a look and take it from a 6 to a ten in seconds. It’s hard to find a shade that fits your squinting without being too red or muddy. I’ve heard a million people talk about this bronzer but I had never tried it. Finally, this month I bought one for myself. This color is gorgeous on and can be built up for a darker contour or toned down for subtle color. LOOOVE:)

And that’s what I’ve been loving lately! What has been your fave beauty product this month? Any good movies or books?


Review: Topshop Lipsticks

Hi all!




I have always wanted to try Topshop lipsticks. The colors and packaging are so fun, so by my assumption the product had to be great as well! I don’t have a Topshop near me, but I love the companies website; its so easy to find what you’re looking for! They have great and realistic swatches for each color- plus they recently came out with limited edition rose gold packaging; which absolutely meant I needed to order a few.


Nevada: This is a gorgeous peach-toned nude color. I was really impressed with the pigmentation, however it did settle into the lines of my lips a little more than I would have liked.


Infrared: I don’t wear oranges that often, but I really like how they look on me. This color is a true orange, it has a slight hint of red, but barely. This color is so immensely pigmented, and smoothes onto the lips very easily.


Beguiled: This color was my automatic favorite. Deep berry tones are my go to lip color, especially in the fall. I know I will get serious use out of this color. This color wasn’t as opaque as Infrared, however it could be built up to a very strong color or worn lightly for a small wash of berry-tone.



Overall, I am highly impressed with the Topshop hippies and highly recommend them to anyone. I ordered mine off of their online site; here.

Have you guys tried these? What are your thoughts??


Summertime Nail Colors

Hello again!

I go through phases where I have to paint my nails a new color every week. I also go through phases where I cannot be bothered to go anything to them.

This summer, thankfully, I am going through the former phase of obsessive compulsive nail painting.



I have been adoring Essie nail polishes lately. They have such a great consistency; they are pigmented, long-lasting, and the brush is the perfect size.

I am also loving white-based nail colors. The colors in the picture above are all different color families however they all have the same stark white base: which I adore.

From left to right; Fiji, Blossom Dandy, Mint Candy Apply, Lilacism, and Baby’s Breath. Aren’t they gorgeous??!!

I know they look a bit more springtime pastel, however I’ve noticed that white based colors have been quite popular this summer. I see celebrities, you tubers, and friends rocking all shades of the white toned nail polishes. My absolute favorite pictured above is the purple: called Lilacism. This color is absolutely stunning. Not too purple, almost slightly grey, I can see myself wearing this color all year round.
What are your favorite colors to wear during the summer?



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My Top 3 Pink Summer Lipsticks

Hi friends!

I love lipstick. This is of no surprise to anyone who has been here awhile. I love to wear bright colors in the summer to pump up any look- making tanned skin look more bronze, hair look more wind-blown, and summer a little better.



So I took a look through my lipstick collection and gathered my three favorite pink-toned lipstick colors to don during this season.


From left to right:

YSL Rouge Volupte #5: These lipsticks by YSL are one of my favorite formulas and this color is my stand by summer color. It is the most gorgeous peach toned pink I have ever found. Not only do I love this color on me, but it is beautiful for those with and without tans. I love how the formulation is so smooth and buttery. Another benefit of this lipstick is the smell— holy mango. I die.

Rimmel Kate Moss #16: I picked this color up last summer in Ireland and absolutely adore it. It is an amazing orange-pink that is great for daytime looks. On tan skin it brightens up your whole face! I would say that if you enjoy brights than this is a great every day summer color.

Maybelline Color Sensational #740: I love Maybelline lipsticks and the color sensational line is incredible quality for a drugstore price. I haven’t worn this color much because it is quite neon-coral, but when I do wear it, I absolutely adore it!


And those are my top pink summer lip colors! What are yours??


Mini Charlotte Tilbury Haul


I have been oogling (yes, we’re going to pretend that’s a word) Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup collection for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere near me that sells this brand so I haven’t gotten to play with these products. Therefore, to fulfill my need for Charlotte, I’ve watched countless YouTube videos chatting about the best products from her line.



By far, the top two most talked about products from her range were the Filmstar Bronze and Glow contour palette and the lip pencil in Pillowtalk.

Thank the good lord that Nordstrom delivers quickly because after placing my order I was basically stalking the UPS man for my delivery.

And boy was it worth the wait.

First of all, this lipliner is amazing. It is so soft and easy to apply, and the color is PERFECT. Honestly, it is the best everyday color to wear- even on its own.

Secondly I don’t know how Ive made it 24 years without this contour kit. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow is otherworldly good. The bronzer isn’t too red or orange, its the perfect light chocolate color to give the face a little shadowing. The highlight is an amazing champagne-sand color that is flawless. I was scared it would have glitter but it is an incredible light highlighter. It’s not too bright, it just gives a subtle “lit from within” look.

So, should you buy these? YAS.

Until next time,