A Little Soap & Glory Haul!

Hello hello!

I have my first British haul for ya’ll! (yes, I can rhyme).

And, as any true beauty blogger is aware, Soap & Glory is one of those beauty products that is associated with the U.K. Not only do the drugstores (or high-street stores- I’m learning!) carry the body care products, but there is a full makeup range too!

So, naturally, once I touched down in London, I scooted right off to the local Boots and picked up some goodies that I’d love to share with you!

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LUSH Spring Haul


I love LUSH. I love LUSH so incredibly much. So upon my recent vacation I corralled my extended family into the car and dragged us to the nearest LUSH location.


Everyone and their dog has been posting pictures of the adorable new spring-shaped goodies. And me, being easily coerced into purchasing anything remotely cute…had to have them.



Bunch of Carrots: my first absolute pick of the LUSH spring haul…this delightful citrus-scented cutie is basically perfect. It’s a reusable bubble bar, comes in a bunch of three, and smells fresh and like oranges. I cannot wait to use them!

Lemony Butter Cuticle Butter: I tested this out the last time I was in LUSH and was so impressed by how soft it made the skin around my nails. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get tons of hang nails. This thick butter is so rich and is able to moisturize even the roughest hands.

Fluffy Egg: this hot pink bath bomb is formulated in one of LUSH’s signature scents- cotton candy. It is sweet, fruity, and rich all at once.

RED Fun: The best way I can describe this is play dough made out of soap. The concept is that this bar of soap can be molded into various shapes- perfect for young children….or young adults 🙂 Also, it smells like mandarin….amazing.

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair): This is one of LUSH’s signature massage bars. It is a moisturizing lotion bar, scented of citrus (of course…my fave). If you have not tried LUSH’s massage bars yet I would highly recommend it. They are perfect for after you get out of the bath to re-hydrate your skin.

Overall, this LUSH trip was a complete success and I have completely enjoyed each and every product. If you can, I would recommend trying any you can!



Lush Haul

Hello Lovelies!

I have been obsessed with Lush for the last few months, and finally had a chance to go to one of their stores over spring break. Needless to say I went slightly crazy.


But it was my first time at the store, and I had SOOOOO many products I wanted to try! But after much shopping, sniffing, and product testing, I settled on a few items I couldn’t leave the store without. First, I must say that I am a HUGE bath fan. Like I would take a bath over a shower any day….and this fact may have influenced my purchases…..

Luxury Bath Melt in You’ve Been Mangoed


Initially I only bought one of these but had to drive back and purchase another because they are SO AMAZING. With the most incredible citrus scent, this bath melt is so moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling like absolute silk. I tend to use these to prevent razor burn or if my skin is feeling dry or itchy.

Bath Bomb in Butterball


Another item I purchased two of, this bath bomb is simple and luxurious. Scented like vanilla and cocoa butter, I popped it in the bath and enjoyed a peaceful and calming bath. This bath bomb left my skin so soft and I felt very moisturized afterwards as well.

Bath Bomb in Honey Bee


A caramel and honey scented bathbomb, I cannot wait to use this. It is quite large as well, and is formulated with aloe. I plan to use this when my skin is feeling particularly dry as the aloe should work to soothe, or maybe to soothe my skin after a nice day in the sun!

Bath Bomb in Avobath


During my second excursion of the day to Lush, I spied this delicious product. An exciting green color and made with lemongrass and avocado….holey moley I’ll take ten please. I’m also really hoping it dyes the bathtub green, because that would be really sweet.

Bath Bomb in Space Girl


Okay, I had to get one with sparkles! This was my fun purchase, less for soothing purposes, more for uplifting! The scent of this spaceship shaped product is sweet blackcurrent…and it’s supposed to turn the bathwater purple. Score.



Alrighty folks, that concludes my first ever Lush haul! I had so much fun with all the products and can’t wait to make a second trip and try out more! Leave me your recommendations below of your favorite Lush goodies!